Next Steps!

1. Watch this short Video on how to prepare your package!

Please review the disclaimers and tsa guidelines to ensure compliance of the contents of your package

2. Register Package with PackMule Express

3. Prepare your package Shipping Manifest

  • This is important because we need to stay organized.
  • Please download this document via your shipping confirmation

4. Prepare the package

  • Place all your items inside gallon or two gallon ziplock bags or space bags.

5. Label the package

  • Write down your receiver’s name and their mission on the outside of the package.
  • Include your receiver’s email address
  • Include a list of all the items you are sending for us to see.
  • Number the bags.
  • Write down the weight.

6. Ship the Package

  • Your package can be mailed directly to these locations or can be dropped off in person at these location:

369 E 1165 N, OREM UT 84057